Top Content Strategies to make your LinkedIn Posts stand out

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Top Content Strategies to make your LinkedIn Posts stand out

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Your social media marketing efforts should be including several different social sites including LinkedIn. This platform encourages the building of both business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships. It is the ideal place to attract clients and to promote your brand but it’s important to have a content strategy in place first.

A lot of businesses that use the LinkedIn platform as a promotional tool use content strategist to make sure that the content placed on the site directly reflects the overall business goals. This holds true for all types of content that are created for the LinkedIn site including the following:

  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Posts

The posts that are being created for LinkedIn should be supporting both your off-line and your online business goals. Whether you are promoting a service, inviting professionals to sign up for your newsletter or building brand awareness, it’s important to make sure that everything is aligned. With LinkedIn, it’s all about reaching out to a target audience, introducing your brand and then establishing a relationship based on trust.

Content Creation Strategy

There are different types of content that you should be concentrating on when creating your LinkedIn posts in order to drive in new customers and raise your revenue. These content types include: 

  • Promotional content
  • Professional content
  • Personal content

When done correctly, your posts should be a mix of all the above. Using a variety of content makes your brand more interesting and your content will naturally reach more people. For example, some professionals will be more interested in professional content while others would be interested in personal content. This personal content helps prove that you are representing a brand that can be trusted.

Promotional Content

Promotional content is created with the goal of selling something. If you are using LinkedIn as a marketing tool, it’s expected that you would disseminate some content that is promotional. Many people use this networking platform to build business relationships in order to work together with others. 

If you are only creating professional content or personal content and your target audience gets to know you and trust you, they deserve to have some promotional content to read in case they would like to work with you on projects. After all, the goal of reaching out to others on LinkedIn should always be related to establishing relationships that further your business goals.

Types of Promotional Offers

Don’t be afraid to sell on LinkedIn. Selling is a natural process that is an essential part of doing business. If you aren’t comfortable posting this type of content, start out slowly and then build up momentum with your posts. These promotional offers should play an important part in your marketing strategy.

Feel free to place posts on the site regarding any free offers you may have available or any paid services or products you are selling. Try to find a way to add value to the content with useful information while promoting your services or product. This way, you won’t appear to be using the platform for advertising purposes only.

If you need help with your promotional posts, you should connect with a branding agency or a digital marketing agency. It’s important to connect with others in your industry or other niche fields with the right tone of voice in your writing style.

Professional Content Writing

This content is based on showcasing your authority and expertise in your industry. It involves providing useful content that would be helpful to others. There are different ways to present these posts including:

  • Sharing news about your industry
  • LinkedIn articles
  • How-to posts
  • Technical information about products
  • Service benefits
  • Much more

When you can write your posts in an informative fashion that highlights your expertise you will be able to strengthen your brand and you’ll be considered as an authority in the field. A great way to connect with others is to construct your posts with useful and valuable information while at the same time offering a personalized perspective on things. This provides an important human value to your brand, which is a vital step towards solidifying relationships with others.

If you need any help putting together professional content for your LinkedIn account, connect with a digital marketing agency that has experienced content strategists on board. You can build up amazing business relationships and a brand-new customer base when you approach LinkedIn with the professional attitude it deserves.

Personal Content

Personal content does not refer to talking about your home life and your personal relationships with others. It is, rather, content that displays who you are as a person beyond the scope of work. This type of contents could include posts about your hobbies, behind the scene videos, your extracurricular activities etc.

Personal content is the perfect way to sell yourself. This is an important aspect of building any business relationship since people aren’t just investing in your products or services but are investing in you as well. Humanize your brand by letting others know more about you without delving too deeply into your personal life.

If you make things too personal it will be bad for business. People do want to know who you are but only to a certain extent. If you start posting about your opinions on subjects such as religion and politics for example, you may start to scare away potential customers or business partners who otherwise would have wanted to work with you. 

There is a balance that must be put into place in terms of personal content for LinkedIn. It’s important to share some but not too much of your personal life. When you can find the perfect balance, you’ll be able to add a personality to your brand that will distinguish it from all others.

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