Google Ads PPC (Pay Per Click) Management describes the process of setting up ads that charge advertisers for every click they receive for advertisements that are placed within the search engine.

Digital marketing is both quantitative and qualitative – metrics are the most important aspect of what we do. Our methods are proven, they work, and we can show you. Once a month, every month, we compile a written analytics report that lists all the key stats and numbers that matter for your ad campaigns. After all, measurement is only effective if you know what to measure and why. Our report includes:

  • A breakdown of the performance of your ad campaign(s)
  • Optimization highlights and actionable takeaways
  • A ‘Moving Forward’ section

Depending on the plan you choose, we also offer weekly or bi-weekly optimization updates and bi-weekly or monthly conference calls where you can discuss the performance of your campaigns and other ideas with your point-of-contact (PPC) Strategist.