The gift that keeps on giving.

Your brand strategy is a capsule that provides a clear and powerful expression of your value proposition. It clarifies how you want potential prospects, customers and stakeholders to see your unique operation. We craft core positioning and messaging elements that provide a starting point for every conversation about you. This messaging informs and inspires all related marketing and communications materials going forward.

Simply put: This narrative inspires all stakeholders to support your vision while equipping your internal team with the confidence that comes with a compelling and irresistible pitch.

Brand strategies create clear and powerful expressions of WHY YOU…namely

OBJECTIVES – An articulation of what your success will look like.

AUDIENCES – The specific audiences to whom you wish to speak.

INSIGHT/PROMISE – Identify the ‘product’ whitespace that you can own, articulate and communicate.

KEY MESSAGES – The concrete ‘reasons to believe’ that pay off your promise and inform all your communications.

An ELEVATOR PITCH – A short, clear and persuasive expression of what you are ‘selling’ and why it matters.  This is the song sheet everyone in your organization will sing from when explaining your offering to existing and potential customers, fans and stakeholders.

A MANIFESTO – An aspirational POV on what your company offers and why your audience should care and contribute. Less about features and benefits.  More about the emotive triggers that galvanize your audience.  This inspiring, big picture copy could form the basis of a video or other communications materials to help support your efforts.