The Difference between UI and UX Design

When it comes to design, the terms UX and UI mean totally different things. It’s important to understand the difference between them so that you can conceive how they work together. The term “UX” refers to “user experience design” while the term “UI” refers to “user interface design”. Let’s take a look at the differences between them and then examine how they can be used together.

UI Design

UI design refers to the design of the interface of the device such as how the touchscreen works or the layout and design of the page. The UI designer would be considering the imagery, colour schemes, typography, buttons, icons etc. that go into making the interface as responsive as possible.

The designer’s role here is multi-faceted and extremely challenging. He is in charge of transferring the product into something physically amazing according to the development of the product while taking the layout, content and research into mind. At the end of it all, the finished product is a responsive, aesthetically-pleasing, coherent and consistent experience for the end-users.

UX Design

When something has a user experience design it means that the product has been designed in a human-first way. The user experience includes the interaction of the user with the company, its products and services. This design takes a look at all of the interactions between a company and a customer and basically anything at all that can be experienced. This would include the interaction between a product or service and the end-user.

The designer takes into account how the experience is going to make the user ultimately feel. For example, when designing the check-out process for an online e-commerce website, the designer will consider how easy it is to navigate through the process, the site pages and how fast the process is. When the checkout process runs as smooth as silk, there is less chance of the buyer abandoning the shopping cart due to frustrations with making the purchase.

The Importance of Both

While the UI experience is concentrated on the functions and the look of the interface, the UX experience is all about the feeling that the user experiences when using the design. They both work hand-in-hand and are both just as important as the other. To sum it up, it all comes down to functionality, aesthetics and a user-friendly experience that makes the person feel good and willing to experience it again.

It’s important to have both types of designers on the same team in order to see success with a site, an app etc. At Entangle use the 2 different types of designers to make your product everything you could imagine plus much, much more.