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Introducing Entangle Health

At Entangle Agency, we have a dynamic team of world class professionals — strategists, clever insightful thinkers, graphic and UX/UI designers, data analysts, developers, and more. And while we are always ready to tackle new challenges with out of the box solutions, we don’t always find the perfect client project to showcase our skills right away. So in the meantime, we work on neat passion projects like Entangle Health.

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What is Entangle Health?

Entangle Health is the first of many projects powered by the team at Entangle Agency. It is a curated news and research aggregator created for the medical community. Our goal is to present accurate and timely data and news to our busy frontline professionals. We provide easily digestible data visualizations and provide the aggregate news and research feed on our single platform.

Given the majority of audiences now using mobile devices as their primary device due to its portability and ubiquity, Entangle Health has been designed with a mobile-first interface. Nevertheless, a desktop mode is planned for future release.

Our primary focus is COVID-19 and vaccine development updates, considering the current state of world affairs. As the project grows post-launch, Entangle Health will expand to include other trending health issues.

Where We Source Our Information

Every week, our research team curates news articles from a database of reputable news sources. These sources include centers for disease control, government websites, medical and health associations, Universities, and news outlets worldwide. Links to the source articles can be found at the bottom of every page.

Data from our vaccine tracker comes directly from the WHO.

Explore our vaccine tracker.